Free CES Network Access

  • List CES in bio. Examples: CES Ace Member, Columbus Editorial Society ACE, ♠️ CES Member.

FREE Editorial Attendance 

  1. Post 2 Instagram pictures leading up. Tell your followers you’re attending a CES Editorial + when and where.
  2. Post 2 insta snaps leading up. Examples: tagging the artists you’re most excited to work with at the Editorial, or on set for examples.
  3. Post 2 BTS insta snaps on shoot day. Examples: Getting ready for the Editorial, mua & Styling details , or a bts on set.
  4. Post 1 completed work from editorial. Following editorial post 1 image from the shoot from a photographer. 

Failure to properly adhere to agreement will result in loss of future opportunities with CES.


Samples of what we look for in ACE Members

Signed to agency
Follower count >1,000
30+ CES members following you
No conflicts of interest
Leadership in the community
Activeness on social media