Flower Child

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Collection: We Invented plaid

"FLOWER CHILD has been keeping Cleveland and Columbus cool with great 20th century gear, including items from the 1930's up to the 1980's. Around every corner is more great vintage, hand selected and displayed as it would have been when originally sold. We are a true vintage department store and museum. From funky furniture, art, and housewares, to the clothes and accessories that match, Flower Child transforms vintage shopping into a time traveling experience! You might go from a modern 1950's living room, to a sci fi 1970's kitchen, to a plush 60's bedroom, all within the space of 20 steps. We have one of the best mid century collections in the midwest, with a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help you find that perfect item! Come to the store today and you're sure to find something you need." read more at www.flowerchildvintage.com

Fall 2018 Models: Aalliyah Wisner, Nyiala Harris, Hannah Overfield, Morgan Wade, Gabriella Caroselli, Noah Covington