Shelby Kitchin

Self Taught Designer


Collection: "Rosé Rebel"


Fall 2018 Models: Johann Aviles, Erin Mattews, Ashley Eakins, Shayoni Das, Gabriella Caroselli, Mitch Endicott

CES Fall 2018 Shelby Kitchin.jpg

About Shelby Kitchin

"I am a self-taught fashion designer and artist out of Columbus, OH. As a 2018 graduate from the Ohio State University, I am pursing an M.D. but enjoy designing clothes and making art in my spare time. I design clothes for the modern woman (and sometimes man!).

I know that women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and I feel it is important to design for a wide range of body types and skin tones.

With my background in the biological sciences, I am inspired by science and often incorporate biology into my garments. I love designing and printing custom textiles that feature biological and histological images.

As a member of the OSU Fashion Production Association, I served as a designer for 4 years and held various leadership roles throughout. As director-of-design for 2 years, I oversaw ~45 student designers, helping them with construction and striving to develop a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing show."  read more at