Anunnaki's 10 look collection completed the CES Spring 2018 Fashion show on Friday April 20th. The luxury accessory line features cultural elements and unbelievable craftsmanship.

Anunnaki Co. is a brand that focuses on creating differently. Cutting through the noise is our mission statement. From tangible fabric material to unique designs with each product we create. We believe there is no limitation to what he or she can create. Strive for greatness.
— Anunnaki Clothing Co.

Definition of Anunnaki:
"Those who from heaven came down to earth." 


Design & Construction: Auninnaki @anunnakiofficial

Makeup Artistry: Sheree Cortigo @shereemua

Makeup Artistry: Helen Prescod @honeydon.t

Hair Styling: Imani Jones @hair_by_imanijones

Models: Sid Kamara, Ademola Ogunyemi, Dorrian Bates, Neeha Pesala, Haley Ebert, Sydney Rininger, Atilano Limon, Dakota Griffin


On the CES Runway:

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Media: Lincoln Meikle @ljm_productions

Media: Tanner Meyers @mylifewithtan

Media: Tyler Wick @wickimages