Philomena & Fiore by Emily Rinehardt

Emily Rinehardt's 7 looks from 2 collections transported guests at the CES Spring 2018 Fashion show to another time and place on Friday April 20th. Rinehardt's collection, titled "Philomena," is a resort collection that tells a story of italian swimwear, crossed with her collection titled "Fiore," inspired by eco-conscious alchemy.

The collection Philomena, is a Resort Collection. Inspired by the Sicily, Italy and the importance of bringing story back to clothing. There is an emerging gap between consumers and their clothing. This collection, Philomena, aims to close that gap by giving our clothing a meaningful story again, making it less disposable. I gave this collection my story, a swimwear / resort collection with a strong focus on vibrant patterns inspired by the white and yellow flower of Sicily.

The collection Fiore, is a Spring /Summer collection developed with an eco- conscious mind. I created pieces that are versatile for the everyday Spring/ Summer look using all natural fibers and eco- friendly dying methods . I also pulled inspiration from the ideas of Alchemy, given water, air, earth and metals are all elements used in eco-bundling and felting. I think that felting textiles straight from the fibers of the animal, without harming the animal, and creating dyed fabrics with something as simple as a flower, invokes the same magic + science ideas held in Alchemy.
— Emily Rinehardt

Rinehardt is a senior fashion design student at Kent State University and design intern with Malvar = Stweart. She graduates in May 2018 as an honors student. You can learn more about her on her website:


Design & Construction: Emily Rinehardt @emilyrinehardt_designs

Makeup Artistry: Anahya Pankey @makeupanahya

Models: Katie Thompson, Kenzi Kaminski, Samantha Rothe, Elizabeth Opritza, Lauren Thompson, Ivy Klock, Macie Hewitt.


On the CES Runway:

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Media: Lincoln Meikle @ljm_productions

Media: Tanner Meyers @mylifewithtan

Media: Tyler Wick @wickimages