Yours Truly by Marissa Holt

Marissa Holt's 4 piece collection opened the CES Spring 2018 Fashion show on Friday April 20th. Holt's collection, titled "Yours Truly," encourages women to wear what they please, and specifically advocates for women effected by toxic relationships.

This was a personal collection I made based on a mentally abusive/controlling relationship I had been in. The name of the collection is called Yours Truly because in a lot of controlling relationships, women don’t have a say. A lot of girls are told what to do, what to wear, and who to talk to. The Yours Truly collection is about blossoming from toxic relationships, and about the rights that I feel as if women don’t have in relationships. I used models of all different hair colors and even one with tattoos to show that a woman can wear and be whoever she wishes to be. Yours Truly is stating that nobody owns you in a relationship.
— Marissa Holt

Holt's collection has been featured in New York Teen Fashion Week 2017, Radio Disney, the CCAD Spring Art Fair, She Has a Name, 614 Now, and NowThis Her. Holt is a junior fashion design maker at Columbus College of Art and Design and you can learn more about her on her website:


Design & Construction: Marissa Holt

Makeup Artistry: Mylan H @ihrenmilo

Hair Styling: Julia Dougherty @jules_dougherty - Studio Fovero

Hair Styling: Taylor Chestnut @taylorechestnut - Studio Fovero

Models: Jillian Yantis, Lexie Demyan, Alexa Ortega, Inda Lee


On the CES Runway:

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Media: Lincoln Meikle @ljm_productions

Media: Tanner Meyers @mylifewithtan

Media: Tyler Wick @wickimages