Community GROUP:

Members are encouraged to use the group to find collaborators, share creative inspo, pass gig leads, and get related support.

TIP! Make a post to introduce yourself! Share a few favorite creations and your IG name.

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CES members are privy to an exclusive studio reservation discount at Chromedge Photolab using the CES code. DM for code.

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CES currently reserves the a local photography studio for CES members free and collaborative use once monthly. This member-exclusive event lasts 4 hours and members can come and go during the time frame.

TIP! Use the Facebook group beforehand to connect and plan your own concept ideas with the other members. CES encourages members to bring props and get creative.

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CES Instagram:

CES only follows active members to keep up with their progress, it’s not personal to be unfollowed upon leaving CES.

CES IG posts a variety of CES editorial work and promotion for CES events /partners.

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CES generally requires member’s instagram to be on the public setting to provide fair exposure to collaborative partners. Networking is the foundation of growing and serving the local creative community.

TIP! Put your location in your bio so others know they can collaborate if you’re near them, and use your name as your username to be clear and professional. This is your digital representation and the only way outsiders can collaborate with or scout you.


CES does not tolerate inappropriate, inconsiderate or unprofessional behavior in person or online. CES Limited reserves the right to cancel a members subscription at any time.