A portfolio listing costs $20/month charged as one payment of $240. includes a personal link showcasing your digitals or headshots, and up to 12 portfolio shots.

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We get so many messages from models asking for support around portfolios, typically frantic in response to a brand inquiry. This December ‘18, we’re launching the Society Directory, a full-service online portfolio option for local models. We are ready to answer your portfolio questions, help get your listing in top shape, and keep it there with a monthly check-in. Not only can a clean pro portfolio get you gigs as a freelance model, this is how we have helped dozens of models get signed locally this year!


Personal link

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Your instagram will be linked to from your page so boutiques & creatives can easily contact you. You may also add personal or management forms of contact.

Full-service hosting

No web-building, domain, or tech-skills required; The CES team will set up your portfolio for you, and maintain the listing for the year.

a Caring team

The CES team will give you feedback and support in narrowing your portfolio. Listed models can submit changes and updates 1 time monthly.

Portfolio building

Not ready to publish your portfolio? Join the Columbus Editorial Society for monthly high-fashion editorial photoshoots centered around coveted portfolio topics, network with talented community artists, and get free studio hours and discounts!


CES Limited DOES NOT formally represent the models listed in the directory.
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