Imani Jones

Hair Stylist

During the past weekend I had the opportunity of styling the hair of 5 beautiful models! The experience was everything I needed and more. This opportunity allowed me to build to my portfolio and meet very professional mind driven individuals! I will most definitely be back to create with you all again!


 Deanna Rowland


Being involved with CES has been a wonderful experience. Jasmine and Morgan are very knowledgeable about the industry and work hard to provide members with many great opportunities. It is such a strong community and I love the networking that it provides as well as the model development. I recently attended the modeling workshop and was very impressed with the amount of information we received and loved getting digitals and runway coaching. CES is a great place for models to get started and expand their skills!


 Jason Barth


I am from Cincinnati so making the trip up to Columbus was about 1.5 hours for me. Why am I mentioning this you ask? It is because I found so much value in my 6+months being a member of CES that it was worth the drive/time/effort. I have grown so much since I started with CES. I can honestly say you all are family to me and I would go to bat for any of you. I love how we generate positivity and look to build each other in this group. Lastly, my main goal was to get published as a photographer and CES helped me do just that. To Everyone at CES, thank you for this experience and look forward to many more in the future.


Philomena Dankwah


I haven’t been with CES for a long time but my experience with them so far has been nothing but great! I attended their workshop and was shocked about the things I learned about the industry. I was convinced that this wasn’t a scam. They have the experience and they knew exactly what they were doing. Communication is key and they never fail on that. I have a future here and I can’t wait to gain more experience about the industry. Lovely, friendly and incredible team! Glad I joined.


Marissa Holt

Fashion Designer

The Columbus Editorial Society is full of so many connections and opportunities for young designers and models. They have helped me get my name out and have helped me grow as a designer. I had the honor of showcasing my collection in their Spring 2018 fashion show. The models I worked with were so kind and loyal. I recommend getting involved with CES asap!


Caylee Owen


CES has helped me so much with networking. Through the endless amounts of talented models and photographers I’ve worked with, I have learned to better absorb constructive criticism, and it has taught me to be more selfless. Above all, CES has shown me that beauty knows no bounds. I never thought of myself as a creative, but more of a bookworm/academic. This place, and this family has shown me new horizons and has opened up so many new doors for me, and has truly shown me who I am.


Ashley Robinson


Being apart of CES is the closest you can get to high fashion editorial within Columbus, OH.


I learned so much while being a part of CES! My portrait photography has gotten so much better over this last year because of the CES studio events that I attended. The people you work with are incredibly creative and professional making it an overall great experience. Thank you!

Sarah Martin



Destiny Mitchell


I just recently joined with CES and couldn’t have a made a better decision. So far, it has been nothing but networking, learning and growing. Jasmine, Morgan and Kai have not only shared their knowledge, but have also provided opportunities to put that knowledge to work. This is an art family. Everyone brings nothing but positive energy and their own art to the table. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for not only everyone involved individually, but for CES as a whole. This is not just a society, it’s a movement and this is just the beginning!


Sophie Kroeker


I loved being a part of Columbus Society. I had such a great time at events and everyone was so kind and helpful and encouraging! Jasmine and Morgan are amazing and inspiring! This group has grown so much in the past year and it's only going to get better! If you want to be a part of a group of creatives working and growing together, I would highly suggest joining this group.


Cassidy Cross


I love being apart of the CES family. It’s so much fun and everyone is so empowering. I have gained so much in the last few weeks that has helped me move forward as a model. I recently attended the model workshop just wanting to find out what it was all about and maybe learn a few things I didn’t know. I suggest everyone go if they can make it. Morgan gave me lots of pointers as well as teaching me about the industry and different agencys. I had a shoot the Sunday right after it and it’s the best shoot I have ever had. I even felt more confident behind the camera!


 Tyler Wick


In the year that I have been involved with CES my skill level with portrait photography has improved dramatically. I've been allowed more opportunities to practice photography at a professional level through this group, especially having easy access to such a beautiful studio. The events that I have attended, including one in Kentucky and one in TN, have been experiences that I will treasure for a lifetime. I am truly grateful that I was introduced to the Columbus Editorial Society!


 Ivana Klock


I've worked with CES since the Spring. It's connected me with so many talented photographers and helped get my portfolio to the point where I was able to sign with an agency and start booking paid work! I love CES!


 Johann Geylee


I really enjoyed the Spring Model Intensive workshop for many reasons, not least for interacting with other females who all have the same interest in the modeling industry. It was an inspiring and informative day. This workshop was the push I need it to pursue something I love. CES is a great family to work with, have an amazing and supportive team: Morgan, Kai and Jasmine. CES is a great way to start your career in the modeling world. I love CES!