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Apply to volunteer

The runway HMUA team is a volunteer experience for freelance and professional artists looking to add runway to their resume, get professional photographs of their work, network the industry, collaborate on a collection, increase exposure, or get creative outside of their typical clients. 


CES directors and assistants will create a HMUA schedule for the show based on your availability, desired collection, and working time per number of models. You will be provided a schedule, badge and station upon arrival. HMUA are allowed 1 assistant and will receive 2 tickets/seats to see their work at the show. HMUA must provide your own beauty supplies, models bring foundation.


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Chromedge Studio

HMUA to be held upstairs in the Chromedge Photo Lab, NOT the 400 W Rich building. Free lot parking is available on site, ok to use 400 W Rich parking. We provide stations with a table, outlets and high stools for each artist. Natural light is abundant!


Priority Scheduling

HMUA will be placed under their preferred designer in the order they apply and depending on how their working time per number of models aligns with the number of models walking for a collection.

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This is a 1 day commitment for show day only. HMUA begins at Noon. We do have availability for artists to arrive later.


The CES runway is an empowering experience for industry artists.

  • add runway to resume

  • professional photographs

  • network the industry

  • collaborate on a collection

  • increase exposure

  • get creative outside clients

  • 2 runway tickets/seats


Sample Schedule

Spring 2018 hmua schedule

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BTS Shots

Videography by Sean Howard

Photography by Tanner Meyers


Imani Jones

Hair Stylist

During the past weekend I had the opportunity of styling the hair of 5 beautiful models! The experience was everything I needed and more. This opportunity allowed me to build to my portfolio and meet very professional mind driven individuals! I will most definitely be back to create with you all again!